Looking for

Are you looking for….

  • … a simple and quiet way to pray in busy and hectic times, because you want to give space and attention to your inner longing?
  • … a path that leads to the depths of your heart and your inner source, because you are experiencing and realizing, that the outer life can't be everything there is?
  • … a realm of experience within which you can just be with your questions of faith, your doubts or difficult church experiences, because you want to be true and honest?
  • … a relationship oriented spirituality within the you-me-relationship with Jesus Christ, because you are sensing, that your meditation needs an inner point of reference, a counterpart?
  • … a new or deeper access to your own church and your spiritual tradition, because you can feel, that this is or might be the point where your roots lie?
  • … a spirituality that corresponds to reality, which proves to be effective in day-to-day life and leads to social responsibility and lively relationships, because you want to stand on your own two feet?
  • …a connection with people who inspire you along this path, who strengthen and support you, because you know that it's difficult to go down this inner path on your own?

… You are welcome!