Coordination Team

Coordination Team
We are Catholic Christians, who have been following the contemplative path for some time. To us, being Catholic means: open-mindedness, depth of feelings, appreciation of personal freedom, openness to the Ecumenical movement and interreligious dialogue, Ceremoniousness in rituals with the Eucharist at the core, service to humanity, affiliation with an international, global community. We try to live this openness and breadth in our initiative and spread it throughout our groups and courses.
Our calling lies in the transmission of contemplative prayer. So in 2009 we founded the initiative „Contemplation in Action". „Contemplativus in actione" was the guiding theme of the first Jesuits around Ignatius of Loyola. It characterises the Ignatian Spirituality, out of which Mary Ward, founder of the Congregatio Jesu, also lived and acted. Teaching prayer, instructing Spiritual Exercises and generally guiding people spiritually, has always been a cherished path, to „help the souls" and to guide them to an attitude towards life in which „God is sought and found in all things" (Ignatius of Loyola). A contemplative alignment leads to an authentic life which is in tune with our individual essence: „Show yourself the way you are and be the way you show yourself" (Mary Ward). This spiritual tradition is our background.
  Joachim Hartmann      Johanna Schulenburg
Martina Klenk                 Elisabeth Huber

P. Joachim Hartmann SJ
Born in 1965 in Swabia, Germany. Member of the Jesuit Order. Academic studies of philosophy and theology. Training in integrative Gestalt therapy. Worked as a youth minister in Augsburg and director of "faith orientation centre" in St. Michael, Munich, Since 2009: University chaplain in Frankfurt,  headquartered on the Westend Campus of Goethe University.

Martina Klenk
Born in 1960 in Thuringia, Germany. Academic studies, teaching degree in history. Currently working as IT project manager. Mother of two children. Spiritual guidance, Contemplative Spiritual Exercises and honorary coordinator of the "Contemplative Prayer School" in the spiritual center St. Michael in Munich.

Sr. Johanna Schulenburg CJ
Born in 1969 in Lower-Saxony, Germany. Member of the Congregation of Jesus (Mary-Ward-sisters). Dr of Laws and theologian; currently working as assistant at the department "Retreats and Spirituality" at the Kardinal König Haus in Vienna (Austria). Spiritual Exercises, spiritual guidance. On the contemplative path since 2001.

Elisabeth Huber
Born in 1956 in Bavaria, Germany; nurse, academic studies: nursing management and caritas science, management functions in the health care sector; currently working as managing director for the Catholic Hospital Association in Bavaria (Kath. Krankenhausverband in Bayern e.V.), freelance work in education and consultancy in the health care sector. Familiar with the contemplative path for over 20 years. Spiritual Exercises and spiritual guidance.