Our Concerns

Our Concerns

The Initiative „Contemplation in Action" is directed at everyone, longing for a simple form of prayer in a modern world full of diversity. We want to familiarise people, who are trying to discover or revive the spiritual side of their lives and guide them along their path. Out of contemplation grows creativity and fertility. The connection with the vine allows the branches to bear fruit (Jn 15:5).

Below we will refer to some of those „branches" into which our action flows:

Mission: We actively work on transmitting and spreading the practice of contemplative prayer. We show this path to others and guide them. We encourage and assist people experienced on the path of contemplation, who show a vocation to spread the Word. We also support the formation of new groups in congregations and spiritual centres and include our offers in the course catalogues of retreat centers.

Publicity: Through this website, our courses and personal testimony we spread the word about contemplative prayer within and out of our church.

Information: We raise awareness about offers and groups practicing contemplative prayer and thus make it easier for the seekers to get in touch.

Contact: We foster contact between the coordination group, Spiritual Exercise guides and group leaders and encourage the exchange and sharing of experience and ideas.

Every day life and work: We show ways to connect contemplative prayer and an active everyday  life. This can take the form of exchange in groups or one-to-one conversations and spiritual counseling.

Realignment: On the path of contemplation a realignment of life, habits, relationships, viewpoints and ways of life happens in the shape of concrete, often small steps.

Dedication: We support the social engagement of groups and individuals, which arises from and is rooted in a contemplative attitude towards life.