Our Vision

Our Vision

The prayer - specifically the contemplative prayer - is a key factor for the transformation of the individual and for change in church and society, as it fine-tunes our consciousness and connects us with a deeper reality, which is capable of transforming things inside and around us. It transforms us and allows us to develop our sense for and dedication to the conservation of God's creation, peace and justice.

The Initiative „Contemplation in Action" has the vision, that:

- more and more Christian parishes and congregations will open up for people to meet, practice the Jesus Prayer and form open meditation groups.

- there will be a growing number of retreat centers that also include Contemplative Retreats which last several days, into their programs.

We trust and hope, that our vision - the grain of mustard seed - becomes a tree full of life (Mt 13:31-32), a leaven that leavens everything around it (Mt 13:33).  

We support the formation and sustainment of meditation groups, retreat centres and spiritual centres. Through our offers we add to their spiritual profile.
Through the prayer in groups and Contemplative Spiritual Exercises, which last several days, the prayers of the individual are deepened. Collective contemplation strengthens the community internally but also gains momentum and vibrancy in the respective surroundings.

Meditation groups and offers of Contemplative Retreats are a contribution to spiritual regeneration and deepening of Christian life in parishes, congregations and our society. The collective prayer of Christians of various religious denominations strengthens the Ecumenical movement. We, as the Initiative „Contemplation in Action", point to offers in order to present an opportunity to all seekers to find a place for contemplative prayer, to learn and to practice.