Praying Together

Praying Together

Meditation Groups

On the path to contemplation, it can be useful to meditate in a group. This strengthens the individual path and connects us with people who have discovered the Jesus Prayer for themselves and are on the same path - seeking God.

Contemplative Retreats

Regular Spiritual Exercises can be helpful in order to deepen the Contemplative Prayer. Several days of silence are dedicated to intensive prayers. They are a special method for training one's perception and also serve as an intense time of orientation towards God - undisturbed from daily routine.

The days are defined by continual silence, collective meditation and daily celebration of the Eucharist including a long address. There is a daily one-to-one conversation with the Spiritual Exercise guide. In the following Spiritual Exercises, Contemplative Prayer according to the "Gries Path" - the Jesus Prayer after Franz Jalics, is demonstrated and practiced.

The Contemplative Retreats can also serve as an introduction to contemplative prayer. It will however be necessary to arrange a preliminary talk.

Courses in Germany and Austria can be found under the following link . For spiritual guidance in English please contact us .

Further Offers

Introduction Courses

The aim of an introduction course is to guide participants into the contemplative prayer with the name of Jesus Christ and is open to anyone interested in engaging with the Jesus Prayer - regardless of their religious denomination or spiritual background.

Contemplation Days or Weekends

In various locations, monthly meetings take place on Saturdays or Sundays to allow more time for prayers. Furthermore there are special days for newcomers, advanced courses (one day or entire weekends) for which previous experience is required.